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Have the luxury to earn interest while you save at Penbank’s Regular Savings Deposit. Let your money grow with interest-bearing savings account that requires low initial deposit.


  • Low initial deposit and maintaining balance;
  • Low interest-earning balance (ADB);
  • Interest is credited and compounded quarterly
  • Can be withdrawn and deposit any to our Penbank branches
  • Insured with PDIC

Kiddie Savings Account

Let your kids enjoy while saving. Let them show how their money grows with Kiddie Savings Account. An interest-bearing savings account that requires minimal initial deposit requirement and passbook-evidenced.

  • Opening Balance – P100.00
  • Maintaining Balance – P100.00

Special Savings Account

Nothing’s more special than saving for your family’s future. Special Savings Account let you take the advantage of earning higher interest rate with initial deposit requirement of P100,000.00

  • Opening Balance – P100,000.00 for a term of 30 days
  • Maintaining Balance – P100,000.00

Monthly Deposit ADB to earn interest:

Amt. Range Interest
1k – 99,999.99 n/a
100k – 499,999.99 0.75% p.a.
500k – 999,999.99 0.85%
1M – 2,499,999.99 1.05%
2.5M – 4,999,999.99 1.20%
5M above 1.35%

Regular Savings Account

Where can your P100 pesos take you? Penbank’s Regular Savings Account is the most affordable interest-bearing savings accounts with initial deposit requirement of P100.00 only and as low as P500.00 Average Daily Balance to earn interest. This account is passbook-evidence so you can monitor your savings anytime, anywhere.

  • Opening Balance – P100.00
  • Maintaining Balance – P100.00
  • Required Amt. to earn interest – P500.00
  • Required ADB – P2,000.00
Required ADB ADB to earn Interest
Regular Savings-Personal 300.00 500.00
Regular Savings-Corporate 2,000.00 2,000.00

Charges & Fees

  • Fall below maintaining balance – P250.00
  • Closing account w/in 30 days from opening – P250.00
  • Dormancy account- P30.00 per month (subject to BSP’s Terms and Condition)
  • Issuance of Bank Certification- P100.00
  • Replacement of Lost Passbook- P100.00

General Requirements

Personal Accounts

  1. Individual Account – an account opened by an individual in his name and subject to his discretion alone.
  2. Sole Proprietorship – an account registered under an individual, a business or trade name.
    The following are required:
    1. Certificate of Registration of Business Name with the Department of Trade and Industry.
    2. Affidavit of Application for Business Name.
  3. Joint Account – an account opened by two or more individuals. This account may be:
    1. “OR” account – withdrawals require the signature of any of the depositors in the accounts.
    2. “AND” account- withdrawals require the signature of all authorized and required signatories.

Juridical Accounts

  1. Partnership Account – an account opened in the name of a partnership.
    The following documents are required:
    1. SEC Certificate of Registration
    2. Articles of Partnership
    3. Affidavit of Application for Business Name
    4. An agreement authorizing one or some of the partners to manage the account where the managing partner is not indicated in the Articles of Co-Partnership.
  2. Corporate Account – an account opened in the name of the corporation.
    The following documents must be submitted:
    1. Articles of Incorporation with Certificate of Registration from SEC or other appropriate government agencies;
    2. By-laws with SEC Certificate of Filing;
    3. Notarized Board Resolution authorizing the corporation to open deposit account naming the depository bank and its specific branch, and the designated officers authorized to sign for and in behalf of the corporation.

Terms and Conditions

  1. SAVINGS ACCOUNT PASSBOOK- Upon opening of a savings account with the Bank, the depositor shall be issued a Passbook which must be presented to the Bank for every transaction for the recording all deposits/ withdrawals made. The depositor must not make/ alter entries in the passbook. If the Passbook is lost/mislaid/ stolen, the depositor must immediately submit a duly notarized Affidavit of Loss stating the circumstances surrounding said loss/theft/misplacement. Replacement of lost/ stolen/ mutilated passbook shall be governed by existing Bank rules and regulations.
  2. Initial deposit to open account shall be received subject to the existing minimum amount prescribed by the Bank. In receiving items for deposit or collection, herein Bank acts only as the depositor's collecting agent and assume no responsibility beyond the exercise of due care in selecting correspondents. Until such time as actual payment comes into possession of the Bank, the right is reserved whether or not the deposited item is returned by the drawee Bank. The Bank shall not be liable for items lost in transit, including but not to checks drawn on the Bank which are not paid because of insufficiency of funds, forgery, unauthorized overdraft, stoppage of payment, or any other reason. The depositor assumes full responsibility for the correctness, genuineness, and validity of all items deposited as well as of all endorsements thereon. The Bank shall not be liable to any loss sustained by the depositor arising from subject to count deposits.
  3. A withdrawal can be made only upon presentation of the depositors passbook together with the corresponding duly accomplished withdrawal slip by the depositors himself or by his authorized representative.
  4. No withdrawals less than ONE PESO (P1.00) nor any fraction thereof shall be allowed, except when closing the account.
  5. Prevailing prescribed interest rate of the Bank shall be paid on accounts with minimum average daily balance of FIVE HUNDRED PESOS (P500.00) and be credited to the account at the end of every quarter. Any change in the interest rate shall be announced by the Bank to the depositors.
  6. All interest shall be subject to 20% withholding tax except those BIR Certification of Exemption.
  7. The Bank reserves the right to acquire from the depositors a sixty (60)- day advance written notice for any withdrawal, whenever the interest of the Bank so warrants.
  8. A fee shall be charged on the following:
    1. Accounts falling below the required minimum balance.
    2. Dormant account or those with no deposit nor withdrawal for a continuous period of two(2) years or more.
    3. P250.00 on account closed within a month after opening.
    4. Replacement of loss Passbook at P100.00 nominal rate.
    5. Request for the issuance of Bank Certification of account balances.
    6. Other fees and charges which the Bank may impose depending on whatever policy it may adopt in the future.
  9. An account on which no deposit nor withdrawal has been made for ten (10) years or more shall be escheated in favor of the government in accordance with the Unclaimed Balances Law and shall cease to be entitled to any further interest from the time the account is transferred in favor of the Treasury of the Philippines.
  10. Any claim by the depositor against erroneous entry in this Passbook must be immediately reported before leaving the Bank.
  11. The depositor shall notify the Bank of any change in address



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